Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint

Get creative with this great painting app for Windows Phone

Fresh Paint is a painting app for Windows Phone 8 that lets you unleash your creativity on your phone. View full description


  • Gorgeous user interface
  • Lets you apply photo filters
  • Realistic paintbrush effects
  • Easy sharing of finished creations


  • More lens effects please!


Fresh Paint is a painting app for Windows Phone 8 that lets you unleash your creativity on your phone.

Let your artistic juices flow

Microsoft Fresh Paint delivers a realistic painting experience on you phone, furnishing you with a number of tools to create paintings from scratch, apply filters to photos, or import pictures and paint directly onto them.

The painting tools within Fresh Paint are impressive. You can choose from two brush types and change the thickness of each. There's an eraser tool too, plus a a spatula for mixing colors together. You can pick colors from a palette and mix them yourself or use the color wheel to select a color directly.

Fresh Paint includes a camera function with filters. This feature lets you apply one of three artistic effects as you take a picture. You can apply these filters to existing photos on your phone as well. Hopefully more photo effects will be added by Microsoft in future updates of Fresh Paint.

Once you've finished your creation you can share it quickly with Fresh Paint, via text message, email or SkyDrive

Putting brush to paper

The painting interface of Fresh Paint is great. Although it takes a while to get used to how it works (there are no in-app instructions), it's great fun to use once you get the hang of it.

You start by mixing your colors and choosing your brush type, using a scrap of paper to preview it: slide your finger across the brush thickness bar at the top and you'll be able to change the thickness of the brush; tap on a color from the palette and it will add that to the brush. This preparation method is fun and replicates that of a real life palette and brush.

Painting itself is easy (at least in theory!) and involves just dragging your finger over the canvas. Fresh Paint doesn't support hardware brush styluses, so you can't do things like changing paint flow by applying more pressure.

Picture perfect design

The finished results you can create with Fresh Paint can be very impressive, largely thanks to the realistic way in which the app reproduces oil paint effects. Once you've finished painting, you can dry the canvas to set the paint which, again, adds realism to the app.

The verdict

If you're a creative person or you just want to add a bit of interest to your photos, Fresh Paint makes for a fun and enjoyable solution.

Fresh Paint


Fresh Paint